Sunday, October 31, 2004

it looks kinda upside down from ere.. Posted by Hello
i guess it's bed time..

nitez world..

*scratches head...* ..

there seems to be some problem with my text circling wont follow my cursor if i move away from the shown frame..trying to figure out the problem..^^

do leave a message if u have any idea how this problem could be rectify..would appreaciate it..:)

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nitez world..

a student's woe..

have you..

ever wake up finding morning has long gone..lunch time ended 2 hours ago, leaving just you and that heavy head threatening to crack like a victim of severe migraine..?

ever being told that to avoid all that, you should turn in earlier, start a healthy lifestyle of early to bed early to rise basis..?

ever have the problem closing your eyes, telling yourself to have a good night rest leaving all unsolved questions for the next day..?

ever try all that and with no favourable result to show..?

ever remember how a student is further burdened..or shall i say chosen ourselves to bear the responsibility of excelling both academically as well as personality wise..?

ever being told that by excelling well academically doesn't mean everything and that personality is just as important..?

ever realise that having a good personality doesn't exactly help you in excelling well academically..?

ever wake up one day telling yourself you couldn't quite achieve both the qualities..?

ever fight back tears knowing how you would disappoint the family you love back home should you fail to achieve what they hope for..?

some of us students might experience these..

we all realises how cruel this world sometimes is..and that most miracle only works given the right time..right chances..and right combination..

we're in this for our ownselves..and whatever we one is right enough to say we're wrong..cross your finger and hope that what you do, whatever path you take, whichever choice you make, would lead you to a tomorrow not exactly of your choice, but a tomorrow with enough chances for yourself..

a day in midvalley..

"As the day turns into nite, keep your worries out of sight. no matter how tough the world may seem u still deserve the sweetest dream..dream.........dream.........."

....still dreaming....


"ehhh ehhh u all still havent bathe ar...!? still chatting !? where's jeewei !? wa still sleeping !" =p
those were the lines i heard after a certain liwei broke into our house on friday was afternoon haha..=p actually the nite before, sim and i kinda promised to get ourselves prepared and start out our journey to midvalley at around 12..but my alarm kinda rang softer than as a result, needed a live, hot wired, walkin alarm clock to
come crashin in to help wake me up..thanks..ehhh i mean sorry for wakin up late hehe :D

neweyz ~~~ we finally got goin..and reached midvalley safely with me and eujin drivin our own respective cars..we had our lunch at tepanyaki..ordering 4 chicks and one beef sets..then liwei got to buy her new Levis..chaihui hunted for her belt but didn't manage to find..but at least she got herself a Giordano shirt..and ankle socks..=p stephanie then joinned us after she finished her lab session back in campus..

>:D<>.< next trip to KimGary i'll be sure to try out those sup noodles chaihui and steph ordered..the bowl look kinda kewl..:P

then it was time to part ways..:( stephanie left with her drive, then liwei and chaihui bade us goodbye..setting off for the KTM..i followed eujin back to his yard to get a coffee table for our A3-5-6 living room..we're kinda drawin up a plan to FINALLY fill up our living hall..:P

the day ended with me blastin back to cyberia with sim..oh..and with our new coffee table at the back seat muahaha..


it's has been exactly 2 days after the thursday nite which me, sim and 6 other guys went for futsal, that i last posted an entry..i was very much in fatigue as a result of lacking in exercise since the past few i thought of taking a break or 2..

a typical futsal outting, it was a nice sweating out for the 2 hours..thou what khek mentioned bout having the second hour wasted was quite true as most of us were exhausted and only lasted for the first hour..the second hour was spent mostly sitting around..while few of us did some shooting ourselves in the could have been avoided should we managed to get a couple more guys to join us but well..we learnt our lesson : we're not horses..just humans..and humans tend to tire..;)

me and sim initially planned to have supper at hassan' all new 24/7 mamak at streetmall after our game but thought otherwise..and ended up cookin indoMee perisa kapitan in our A3-5-6 kitchen..

Thursday, October 28, 2004

tips or tricks..?

< 35 students will have to resit Muet, says MEC > reads one of the titles in 'Latest News' The Star Online today...

A teacher who is an examiner for the Malaysian University English Test (Muet) leaked the “speaking” component to students from his school more than an hour before the exam.

Whose fault is it really..? the students or the teacher himself..? Teachers or in our case, lecturers giving tips and hints have become a seriuos phenomenom in the academic world today. In a recent case in our university itself, a particular student reacted after finding out that a lecturer gave out tips by reporting it to the a result, all the students were required to retake that paper..and what followed was ugly for both the students and the lecturer involved..with forwarded messages bombarding both the student who was said to be "kiasu", "selfish".. (sensitive adjectives filtered) and even the lecturer himself spreading like wildfire across Yahoo! messenger..

it's understandable that most people were pissed as their holidays were cut short as a result of the postponement..and that's beside the fact that they had to forfeit most of their bus or even air tickets home..but is this reaction really appropriate..? have they gave an opposite senario of what happened a thought..? what if the people who got the tips were we ourselves..? would we have cared how unfair the lecturer was then..? i doubt so..

a cent for a thought..a cent for a thought..

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Dude i'm broke..

Ever feel dumb for not checkin the goods u've bought, and as a result an extra trip back to the shop is needed ? ahh well..nice guess, tat's what happened to me today..went serdang and collected 2 lousy souvenirs for a planned interview session in UM tomorrow and turned out the shop made a mistake in the wordings..>.<>riding on the global technological wave" and "riding to the global technology wave"..those 2 don't look similiar to me..or do they..? well..feel like asking them why do they think we gave them a diskett with all the required wordings for..neway, the interview tomorrow is cancelled/ i guess it's all for nothing..

slept from 5.30 to around 7pm..never thought i wud sleep that long..guess i was a bit tired..thanks sim for helpin me tapao..

it wasn't quite a productive night in the library for me..started a "bible" for my microwave devices subject but only went thru 4 pages of notes in a couple of hours..dude, where'd my heart go ? i juz cudn't concentrate..tell me y please..

sew:"scare ar !? go la..ask them go makan together !?" yoga gurl !? choi choi ji !? which one're u talkin bout !? oit ! too late..there goes khek.."yo yoga frens back there thought of askin u out for supper..u on ??"*ker duish ker duish*..we kinda joked around coming out of the daring steph and liwei to ask choi choi ji out for supper together..but after some miscommunication and channel-mistuned a lil misconfrontation occured..*slaps forehead*..

ok this cudn't quite be counted as an incentive considering the amount of work i've done the whole nite..but after library liwei, steph, eujin, sew, sim n driver me went yumcha in's that conner mamak shop..which its name i asked sim but conveniently forgotten to remember..the mee goreng i ordered wasnt quite as nice as i expected thou..

lots of laughter on our way home..thou liwei, steph, eujin and sew was squeezin real tight in the back time i bawa bigger car k..? aisey..macam i can..:D maybe 5 years, 10 years later la..yea the plastic covering for some part of my car's still intact thou it's been almost 15 years ago when my family first welcomed it into my garage..>:D<

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

back from hakka village..hakkaN curry chicken in bun..

heard from kae ee and others bout how nice food in hakka village is..and finally went there today..5 of us crazy housemates squeezin in one atos..found the place without much effort..thou when sim's fren gave direction, wat "road got lots of lubang" , "roadside durian stall" all were being dish special enough to be mentioned is the "bought-in-mamak-then-stuffed-inside-a-bun" curry what the name has already suggested i guess no extra describtion is needed :P

chingyin asked me an IQ question that made me scratch my head real hard..but still cudn't get the answer right..damn..maybe i do have low IQ..sad case..

the question :
there're 2 islands, islandA with all honest ppl, and islandB with all liars, one day, the people of these 2 islands got mixed up... and u got an air crash, landed on one of these islands, u're given ONE chance to ask ONE question to ONE ppl to know where did u land, what would u ask?

nyek nyek nyek..enjoy folks..answer will be given as per request :P

old photo during MMU early entrance programme.. Posted by Hello

the beginning..

my first post.."yea" ? "wheeee" ? or maybe "what the hell am i thinkin startin this blog" ? this may sound strange..just a few days ago, i commented on my roomie sim on how crappie bloggins are and that if he's gonna start, it wont last for even 2 days..and now i'm here..speakin of irony..

i'm like a crawlin baby with no knowledge on how a blog shud begin..but well..everything has its first here goes..

i guess every futball enthusiasts woke up this mornin still ringin with the MAN U 2 - 0 ARSE scoreline..yea i mentioned ARSE..cuz even if they're that good which i myself's gotta admit, they still played like a bunch of losers..see how viera rushes up to the referee everytime he sees a small foul from MU players..tryin to get his opponent sent off..when their own ashley cole managed to aim a kick at rooney after a tackle attempt failed..or maybe u remember how comical lehmann's reaction was after RVN caressed his calf..i guess he's gonna be nominated for the oscar award this coming well ppl..

calamity james did it again..presenting me with -10 points in yahoo fantasy football..damn..i guess that explains y real madrid's not fillin up their goolie spot with an english international like what they've done for the rest of the departments..

there's still a lot more to say..but i'm late for class..:D yea! wheeeeeeeeeeee ! what the hell am i thinkin startin this blog ? first post...::