Sunday, July 06, 2008

Capri ..

In 2-weeks time, I'll be bringing Capri home. She is a Siberian Husky, which I've dreamed of getting one ever since 4 years ago when I started reading up on them. Being a dog lover for as long as I've remembered, I've always liked being around dogs. And when I finally found L (name filtered for confidentiality purposes), I knew that he is the person I'll have to get my dog from.

I was genuinely shocked when I visited his place. I've heard of people with 5 dogs, or even 10, but this dude here, keeps almost 30 dogs at his place! Speaking of love for pets, L specially made kennels (it's a toned down version of what we might call - chalets) for his dogs, and they're all air-conditioned. For a dog lover, this place is a friggin paradise.

L is so far the 3rd breeder that I've visited, and I guess I was fated enough, his husky bitch gave birth a day after I called him up. Hearing my excitement in the phone call, I was allowed to go view the pups on their 4th day into the world, together with Steph and Sim (this being the elder brother of the Sim we know).

Sleepin under watchful eyes of mummy.

Now where did you say is the best nap spot?

Damn this lil guy sure knows how to make a guy say "aww" inside.

Cute ain't they. You can still see their pinky nose and paws. But as they were still so young, I couldn't yet make a choice on which pup I'd get. Buyers normally only get to see the newborn pups at their 6th or 7th week.

Pictures say a thousand words, so here goes.

2 weeks old, and the pups finally opened their eyes. This is the pup I initially set my eyes on.

3 weeks old, and my aunty nearly couldn't resist the temptation of getting one herself. Her spitz of 14 years was put to sleep half a year ago. But the price turned her down. I'll make it a point to get her one when I can manage. And by the way, did I mention how fast they've grown!

I've finally chosen Capri..she's the pretty lil lady on the left. These two are the only cream and white colour in the litter of 5. The rest are all copper whites.

Steph said that Capri looks doink in this photo. I could harly disagree :p

4 weeks! And Capri is sitting up looking at me. Well, it could be for the wrong reasons, as she had just taken her sip of milk and was ready to go oi oi, when I kept kacauing her. Rushed to snap this photo after she sat straight up, another first here by the way.

We're all excited to add Capri to our family. A day after my trip back from the Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival, I'll bring Capri home. I have everything ready.

Cage, checked.
Dog food, checked.
Shampoo, checked.
Harness, checked.
Leash, checked.
Toys, checked.
Wee wee pad, checked. (The only thing I can tell you is that it's like a diaper opened up on the floor, for toilet training purpose.)

And finally ..

Loads of love and caring, checked!