Tuesday, November 30, 2004

back from the grave..

it's been what? 3 weeks? since i last dropped a post here..well..i did gave myself some excuses like "it's study week..i came back to penang to study..not to blog.." , "hello..finals is dancing juz around the conner?" but hey there's nothing i can do..reaching home for the holiday would spell further disaster for the survival of this blog as the line is always being hogged by not only dad but also my sister..that's beside the fact that the laptop follows my dad to work, so the only time i have my chance to have a go on it..is during the night..well..that's if my sister isn't using it anyway..

anyways..the first day in penang, i went dvd-shopping with my dad..bought troy, the terminal, bourne supremacy, princess diary 1 and 2, man of fire, harry potter,...........there's still a couple of movies which i missed out..so hopefully it'll be in the bag on our next visit to the shop..besides i bought "king arthur" ..not movie..but the novel the other day in street mall..so the first days of my holiday won't be too bored i believe..still waiting thou, to get out and yumcha one of these days..there's alot of whom i havent met for too long..

NaNoWriMo..i believe some of you have heard of it..in long it's National Novel Writing Month..where users register themselves at the website and are required to produce a novel of 50,000 words within a month..sadly to say, by the time i found that out, it's 4 days to dateline..otherwise it'd have been a nice experience..not to win, but merely just to know where i stand..made a note to keep an ear for the next NaNoWriMo..

Saturday, November 06, 2004

tagging begins..

it's up finally..all the thanks to fuz-buh for the introducing Doodleboard..lets tag people ~


was questioned by fuz-buh where my tag board is so..i kinda woke up from my assignment, lab reports, holiday, lifeless, pre-exam, goin back penang mood and post up this entry..it has been a few days since i last posted an entry..and that is gonna continue when i'm back in penang next week..then, study week will start and i'll be on full trottle in preparing for my final exam..the final strife for some overdue glory after a rather disappointing midterm..