Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A tribute to the Japan Tragedy

A tragedy ..

As we hurriedly flip to the world news section these recent days, all hope, is on not seeing any further news articles showing a rise in the missing person or casualty toll in Japan. Forget about the Chernobyl disaster, forget about September 11th. Should there be a need for an example, on how fragile mankind is, one like this, is more than adequate.

As stories from the Japan Earth Quake and Tsunami slowly spread, on how victims, young and old, showed their resoluteness and grit in the face of this great tragedy, we come to hear of children who have not experienced nearly enough in life, being left alone to face a nightmare which they never would have fathomed before this. The dark road ahead which they have to trudge on, should they manage to pick themselves up, will most likely be done in solitary, minus their loved ones. Then there are the parents, whose screaming and shrieking of pain, upon seeing their children get swept away before them, and whose cries to their missing loved ones were all left unanswered and which echoed throughout the eerie night of the aftermath. What kind of deep felt sorrow, engulfed them at that moment you may wonder.

Give them a wish, and I believe they would be willing to give everything up just to have their loved ones back beside them.

Give them a wish, and tell them beforehand that this would happen, and I believe they would turn back time, just to spend more time with their loved ones, their family, their children, and cherish every last moments they might have left together.

Give them just one day together again, and they would appreciate the mere existence of everyone around them so much more, and treasure the time spent together with all the love and care for one another instead of having that one extra petty argument.

Our prayers should all go to the people in Japan, to those who lost someone dear, to those who had to witness the sorrow and grief of the thousands of people beside them, and to those who are slowly accepting the fact, that the important someone simply isn't coming back, ever.

po pi po pi..