Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter

7 books, and everyone be it young or old will finally bid farewell as the curtains come to a close for the Harry Potter series, which has, arguably captured the heart of millions if not billions of readers worldwide.

The journey as Harry grew, from a young boy to a full fledged adult was witnessed with much anticipation, where readers actually cared for the boy with the lighting scar on the forehead. In fact, it wasn't only Harry, but other characters like Ron Weasley, Hermoine Granger or Dumbledore were cherished and loved so much, that the world actually wept at the death of the much respected Headmaster of Hogwarts, the magical school in the story. How often, has any author come up with not one, but 7 books with such level of emotional content, capable of captivating everyone who reads it? And to think that it has originally being dubbed as a childrens' book, Rowling's success at expanding that horizon to the mass of adult readers like me, only made it more impressive.

So the 7th book. The hotly awaited last installment of the whole series. Questions were thrown all around even before the book was released. Would the boy-cum-wizard die in order to save the world or would he do a John McClane together with his circle of friends and defeat the evil again? Would all the mysterious knots be opened? It's fair to say that no readers wants a sad ending. Imagine Potter being dead, wouldn't kids around the world weep with more sorrow than that when Dumbledore or Sirius were killed off? Rowling gracefully granted everyone their wishes, and that was done in a manner so enthralling that anyone who starts reading the book wouldn't let go, till the very last page is digested.

J.K Rowling has no doubt brilliantly redefined the word magic as known to the world with this Series. The series has certainly made itself the top comparison to any future novels in the magic genre, and I dare say, it would take alot more than effort to surpass or even emulate what J.K Rowling has produced. It is of my deepest gratitude to Rowling for writing such an unimaginably magical and magnificent series, and "Thank you", is the least we could all say to a great author who has given the world so many years of magical excitement.

Thank you.