Sunday, October 31, 2004

a day in midvalley..

"As the day turns into nite, keep your worries out of sight. no matter how tough the world may seem u still deserve the sweetest dream..dream.........dream.........."

....still dreaming....


"ehhh ehhh u all still havent bathe ar...!? still chatting !? where's jeewei !? wa still sleeping !" =p
those were the lines i heard after a certain liwei broke into our house on friday was afternoon haha..=p actually the nite before, sim and i kinda promised to get ourselves prepared and start out our journey to midvalley at around 12..but my alarm kinda rang softer than as a result, needed a live, hot wired, walkin alarm clock to
come crashin in to help wake me up..thanks..ehhh i mean sorry for wakin up late hehe :D

neweyz ~~~ we finally got goin..and reached midvalley safely with me and eujin drivin our own respective cars..we had our lunch at tepanyaki..ordering 4 chicks and one beef sets..then liwei got to buy her new Levis..chaihui hunted for her belt but didn't manage to find..but at least she got herself a Giordano shirt..and ankle socks..=p stephanie then joinned us after she finished her lab session back in campus..

>:D<>.< next trip to KimGary i'll be sure to try out those sup noodles chaihui and steph ordered..the bowl look kinda kewl..:P

then it was time to part ways..:( stephanie left with her drive, then liwei and chaihui bade us goodbye..setting off for the KTM..i followed eujin back to his yard to get a coffee table for our A3-5-6 living room..we're kinda drawin up a plan to FINALLY fill up our living hall..:P

the day ended with me blastin back to cyberia with sim..oh..and with our new coffee table at the back seat muahaha..

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Stephanie meiyu said...

craps jee...i hate reading old posts, it got me thinking, i never realised i've known u for so long and i'm missing those days real bad, real real real bad!