Sunday, October 31, 2004


it's has been exactly 2 days after the thursday nite which me, sim and 6 other guys went for futsal, that i last posted an entry..i was very much in fatigue as a result of lacking in exercise since the past few i thought of taking a break or 2..

a typical futsal outting, it was a nice sweating out for the 2 hours..thou what khek mentioned bout having the second hour wasted was quite true as most of us were exhausted and only lasted for the first hour..the second hour was spent mostly sitting around..while few of us did some shooting ourselves in the could have been avoided should we managed to get a couple more guys to join us but well..we learnt our lesson : we're not horses..just humans..and humans tend to tire..;)

me and sim initially planned to have supper at hassan' all new 24/7 mamak at streetmall after our game but thought otherwise..and ended up cookin indoMee perisa kapitan in our A3-5-6 kitchen..

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