Thursday, October 28, 2004

tips or tricks..?

< 35 students will have to resit Muet, says MEC > reads one of the titles in 'Latest News' The Star Online today...

A teacher who is an examiner for the Malaysian University English Test (Muet) leaked the “speaking” component to students from his school more than an hour before the exam.

Whose fault is it really..? the students or the teacher himself..? Teachers or in our case, lecturers giving tips and hints have become a seriuos phenomenom in the academic world today. In a recent case in our university itself, a particular student reacted after finding out that a lecturer gave out tips by reporting it to the a result, all the students were required to retake that paper..and what followed was ugly for both the students and the lecturer involved..with forwarded messages bombarding both the student who was said to be "kiasu", "selfish".. (sensitive adjectives filtered) and even the lecturer himself spreading like wildfire across Yahoo! messenger..

it's understandable that most people were pissed as their holidays were cut short as a result of the postponement..and that's beside the fact that they had to forfeit most of their bus or even air tickets home..but is this reaction really appropriate..? have they gave an opposite senario of what happened a thought..? what if the people who got the tips were we ourselves..? would we have cared how unfair the lecturer was then..? i doubt so..

a cent for a thought..a cent for a thought..

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