Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Dude i'm broke..

Ever feel dumb for not checkin the goods u've bought, and as a result an extra trip back to the shop is needed ? ahh well..nice guess, tat's what happened to me today..went serdang and collected 2 lousy souvenirs for a planned interview session in UM tomorrow and turned out the shop made a mistake in the wordings..>.<>riding on the global technological wave" and "riding to the global technology wave"..those 2 don't look similiar to me..or do they..? well..feel like asking them why do they think we gave them a diskett with all the required wordings for..neway, the interview tomorrow is cancelled/ i guess it's all for nothing..

slept from 5.30 to around 7pm..never thought i wud sleep that long..guess i was a bit tired..thanks sim for helpin me tapao..

it wasn't quite a productive night in the library for me..started a "bible" for my microwave devices subject but only went thru 4 pages of notes in a couple of hours..dude, where'd my heart go ? i juz cudn't concentrate..tell me y please..

sew:"scare ar !? go la..ask them go makan together !?" yoga gurl !? choi choi ji !? which one're u talkin bout !? oit ! too late..there goes khek.."yo yoga frens back there thought of askin u out for supper..u on ??"*ker duish ker duish*..we kinda joked around coming out of the daring steph and liwei to ask choi choi ji out for supper together..but after some miscommunication and channel-mistuned a lil misconfrontation occured..*slaps forehead*..

ok this cudn't quite be counted as an incentive considering the amount of work i've done the whole nite..but after library liwei, steph, eujin, sew, sim n driver me went yumcha in's that conner mamak shop..which its name i asked sim but conveniently forgotten to remember..the mee goreng i ordered wasnt quite as nice as i expected thou..

lots of laughter on our way home..thou liwei, steph, eujin and sew was squeezin real tight in the back time i bawa bigger car k..? aisey..macam i can..:D maybe 5 years, 10 years later la..yea the plastic covering for some part of my car's still intact thou it's been almost 15 years ago when my family first welcomed it into my garage..>:D<

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