Tuesday, October 26, 2004

back from hakka village..hakkaN curry chicken in bun..

heard from kae ee and others bout how nice food in hakka village is..and finally went there today..5 of us crazy housemates squeezin in one atos..found the place without much effort..thou when sim's fren gave direction, wat "road got lots of lubang" , "roadside durian stall" all were being mentioned..one dish special enough to be mentioned is the "bought-in-mamak-then-stuffed-inside-a-bun" curry chicken..as what the name has already suggested i guess no extra describtion is needed :P

chingyin asked me an IQ question that made me scratch my head real hard..but still cudn't get the answer right..damn..maybe i do have low IQ..sad case..

the question :
there're 2 islands, islandA with all honest ppl, and islandB with all liars, one day, the people of these 2 islands got mixed up... and u got an air crash, landed on one of these islands, u're given ONE chance to ask ONE question to ONE ppl to know where did u land, what would u ask?

nyek nyek nyek..enjoy folks..answer will be given as per request :P


def-unct said...

i wan the answer!!! licia here..keke

jeewei said...

answer's on the way to yer ym :P