Sunday, October 31, 2004

a student's woe..

have you..

ever wake up finding morning has long gone..lunch time ended 2 hours ago, leaving just you and that heavy head threatening to crack like a victim of severe migraine..?

ever being told that to avoid all that, you should turn in earlier, start a healthy lifestyle of early to bed early to rise basis..?

ever have the problem closing your eyes, telling yourself to have a good night rest leaving all unsolved questions for the next day..?

ever try all that and with no favourable result to show..?

ever remember how a student is further burdened..or shall i say chosen ourselves to bear the responsibility of excelling both academically as well as personality wise..?

ever being told that by excelling well academically doesn't mean everything and that personality is just as important..?

ever realise that having a good personality doesn't exactly help you in excelling well academically..?

ever wake up one day telling yourself you couldn't quite achieve both the qualities..?

ever fight back tears knowing how you would disappoint the family you love back home should you fail to achieve what they hope for..?

some of us students might experience these..

we all realises how cruel this world sometimes is..and that most miracle only works given the right time..right chances..and right combination..

we're in this for our ownselves..and whatever we one is right enough to say we're wrong..cross your finger and hope that what you do, whatever path you take, whichever choice you make, would lead you to a tomorrow not exactly of your choice, but a tomorrow with enough chances for yourself..

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