Tuesday, October 26, 2004

the beginning..

my first post.."yea" ? "wheeee" ? or maybe "what the hell am i thinkin startin this blog" ? this may sound strange..just a few days ago, i commented on my roomie sim on how crappie bloggins are and that if he's gonna start, it wont last for even 2 days..and now i'm here..speakin of irony..

i'm like a crawlin baby with no knowledge on how a blog shud begin..but well..everything has its first time..so here goes..

i guess every futball enthusiasts woke up this mornin still ringin with the MAN U 2 - 0 ARSE scoreline..yea i mentioned ARSE..cuz even if they're that good which i myself's gotta admit, they still played like a bunch of losers..see how viera rushes up to the referee everytime he sees a small foul from MU players..tryin to get his opponent sent off..when their own ashley cole managed to aim a kick at rooney after a tackle attempt failed..or maybe u remember how comical lehmann's reaction was after RVN caressed his calf..i guess he's gonna be nominated for the oscar award this coming year..vote well ppl..

calamity james did it again..presenting me with -10 points in yahoo fantasy football..damn..i guess that explains y real madrid's not fillin up their goolie spot with an english international like what they've done for the rest of the departments..

there's still a lot more to say..but i'm late for class..:D yea! wheeeeeeeeeeee ! what the hell am i thinkin startin this blog ?
::..my first post...::

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