Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunrise atop the Pearl of Orient

This was the first sunrise photoshoot outing I had, just a few weeks back with a bunch of my colleagues. Armed with our cameras and tripods, we headed out at around 5.45am from my place, and managed to catch the first tram up to Penang Hill at 6.30am. Arriving at the top at 7am, the view made it seemed like we were standing at the top of the world. Majestic, was just the right word to describe it. We were all in awed, well, that was besides feeling cold to our bones! The wind was so strong, a few of us smart asses were left wondering why we never brought along any sweater.

Anyways, it was all worth it. Here goes the shots.

This is among my favourites. The reddish branches in front of the photo brought out the sunrise behind it, at least that's what I think.

A darker version of it

Still rising ..

And they say I'm a slow riser..

After the sun came fully up, we continued our photo shooting session around Penang Hill with Too, my colleague being our model of the day. I would have to ask her permission first before postsing the photos, so I guess that would have to wait till the next post.

Signing off with this shot

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