Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Genting trip

I'll start off with the conclusion of this post first. I absolutely love my Ultra Wide Angle Lense!
Why? Read on.

It was pretty frustrating recently, on how I managed to turn every single discussion with my parents on the new job opportunity I have, into a shouting match. So here, I decided to take a breather, and chill a bit (literally) up in Genting. It was a last minute reservation, and I did not ask anyone along for the trip. I wanted some alone-time, to ponder upon everything. All I had with me was my lappie, and my beloved DSLR.

With the holiday on Monday, it was no wonder the rates were so ridiculously expensive. Rm200 per night for a small square space and 2 mattresses which they call a room is seriously an overkill. Though that was all gonna change. I'll come to that later.

I took the 10.30pm bus from the Penang Sungai Nibong Bus Station, and slept all the way. The journey took about 6 hours, and the bus managed to reach First World at about 5am in the morning. As expected, I could only get my room at around noon, so I took out my DSLR and started wandering around. If you need a place to clear yer mind, Genting is one of the places you should consider really. The 5am breeze was really soothing..and for a moment, all my worries seem to vanish.


After getting my room at 11am, I put in an hour of nap, then I was off to the casino. There could only be one table I was heading to, and it was the Texas Hold Em table over at Casino de Genting. Although it was different from the normal Texas Hold Em, whereby everyone plays against the Dealer instead of against each other, that would do. It was spanking good I would say. The table has a minimum bet of RM25, I started off with RM500 in chips, and managed to grow my stack to around RM2800. Awesome huh! Well, there was always gonna be a "but" in the story, I managed to lose it all away in the end. Though, I had some stroke of good luck in the end, getting a pair of AA in my own hand. The payout was 30 times my bet! That took my overall winnings to RM400+, enough to cover the whole of my trip. I made the wisest decision of the whole night to walk away with that. :)

I had a fast dinner over at some chinese restaurant, then sat out at Star Bucks for a while. It was kinda nice, sitting there slowly sipping my hot coffee as I took in the cool fresh air.

I spent the whole next morning poking around..with my DSLR that is. Here goes. One picture speaks a thousand words. What about a bunch of them then? Here goes, hopefully it shows why I absolutely love my Ultra Wide Angle Lens.

First World Hotel

Fooling around with the wide angle ..

Genting Hotel Lobby

IMG_3778Noah's Ark.

The bus home ..

I now have a clear head. Plenty of thinking yet to do I guess. :) Go get em I say.

William Faulkner once said:
"Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.


mwteh said...

just wondering where is the texas holdem poker table ...
never thought Genting will have this game ...

jeewei said...

It's at Casino de Genting, the one adjacent to Monte Carlo. There're only 4 tables. I actually asked a captain there, and he escorted me to the table himself. That felt kinda fekt like a VIP :)

mwteh said...

cool ... must try when i go there next time.


贤智 said...

wow....the picture really looks different taken by DSRL.....dam....

jeewei said...

Haha it's the lens man..it's the lens :)