Saturday, December 11, 2004

end of superb week..

it's been a really great week for me..mescorp had an interview week with companies here in penang from monday til friday..and i arranged for all of us to stay at the leisure cove apartment near batu feringgi..well, although it was expected to be mostly work, we managed to combine both work with pleasure as the bunch of us had time to eat around in penang..namely penang's famous laksa, ais kacang, and also the road side western add to the list, a few of us even managed to go shopping at the adidas clearance sale near golden sand hotel in batu myself a RM39.90 puma shirt at a discount of 50%..was tempted by the shoes on sale too..but gotta restrain myself before burning a hole in my pocket..

frankly it was a really fruitful experience for me as we had the chance to step into companies and hear from the engineers or even managers themselves about the real world out there..SONY, RENESAS, DAVISCOMM were amongst those we've visited beside INTEL, AGILENT and PDC itself..well, hopefully we did impressed the interviewees enough to get sponsors from them..

just finished Dan Brown's " The da vinci code" and i must say it's the best novel i've read so far this's about the murder of a curator who is also the grand master of some secret group which guards the secret of the Holy Grail..the true story of jesus christ himself. As the story continues, the secret is then slowly revealed by the daughter of the curator, sophie with the help of a university symbology professor, Robern Langdon..and they discovered that sophie actually carries the bloodline of the Merovingian decendants of Jesus and his wife, Mary Magdalene..! It was also said in the story that the Holy Grail is person rather than a cup..and that there was 12 men and 1 woman in the drawing of the last supper..the woman whose name was Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus..the woman whom Jesus had a daughter named Sarah with..!

finishing this book, i've made up my mind to hunt down the other Dan Brown books, namely "Angels and Demons", "Digital Fortress", and "Deception Point"..

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icymint said...

Spoiler! Spoiler! Bleks~! =P
I wanted to read the Da Vinci's Code too, when my break comes... Been hearing that it was a very good book by Dan Brown. But reading your blog, already gave me some insights on the synopsis.
Never mind lah... I'm still gonna read it anyway. Teeheehee~!
*juz dropping by ur blog*