Monday, December 06, 2004

da vinci anyone..?

friday..had a planned outting with liang, ai hui and theresa..initially the meeting time was agreed at 11am..which was when i arrived at Gurney plaza..but they had a bit of a it was left to me alone wandering around the mall..there was a road show by yamaha and i met angie there..who used to be the one collecting fees from me during my days in yamaha as a student..there was a new electone model in display..and damn it looks elegant..with a price tag of should ! had the urge of trying it out but there was way too many lil kids hovering around as their parents listened to the promoter for a package suitable for their 6-year-olds..way to go parents..!
as usual, we met after their class and had a sit-out at McD's in Gurney plaza..officially got to know that all 3 of them are leaving for aussie next's my wish to them that they'll excell..all da best girls..

later, i messaged sim to ask him come was i don't feel like sitting home for the whole day that day..he did come haha..and we went over PISA to meet up with satkuru and soon jin, who came down from malacca fer a couple of was already around much for food hunting in penang's nicest we simply dropped by BJ complex and hauled back with us dvds..woohoo..

gotta run..nuff said..;)

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