Monday, March 30, 2009

The departure, the arrival ..

30th March 2009. This marks the day the loyal Sentra leaves my side.

It has been 21 years since my family welcomed the Sentra. I was still in kinder garden then. And for 21 years, she has served my dad, then myself, so well. The 250k milleage registered on her meter is a proof of the journeys we've traveled together. To have to let her go, pains me. I had the chance to have a little photo session with the old ride before sending it over for a trade in. It's amazing how after 21 years, she still stood solid, proud and abreast for the shots.

On a brighter note,

30th March 2009. Also, marks the day I welcome the latest addition to the family. My new Pearl White Myvi SE.

She is awesome! She roars, she shines, and she's smokin hot! She's my vivi!

Nothing to write about it yet, since I've only driven it for 15minutes from the shop and back home. I will however, provide a full review on it after I'm done taming it.

Coincidently, I got the same number plate as Peter. 863. What are the odds!? CREEPY WEYYYY!!!

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Stephanie meiyu said...

jee wei, new post please.....don't let the blog die again :P