Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I finally got to know my job scope today.

"Jee Wei, you'll be the new test engineer of our division. You'll be dealing with programming involving C, Pacific C and Unix."

My world almost crumbled down upon me. That's like holy crap. Not only will I be doing something I'm not interested in, It's actually something I'm weakest in. Will I be able to handle this? I almost gave up. I told myself I'd quit before I humiliate myself by not being able to handle tasks given to me. But..

I made a promise once. That I'll be someone with qualities to be liked. I'll need to start somewhere, so why not here.

I'll need to.

I realise that this is no more industrial training. It'll be the job which will guarantee my salary every month. No matter how tough is it, I'll need to manage it somehow.

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