Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A short entry..

There are just some nights, when you simply miss someone more than usual..

The sound of gentle growling from the dark sky, keeping everyone guessing if it's gonna be another night of strong wind and heavy rain..

The uncontrollable tightening of the chest, as I slowly take in the fact that I'm here, and you're..well, not.

The curious wait at the chat window, at each reply..

The furious tappings on my laptop, each time a reply comes..

Though it's being said often..the feelings remain the same, if not stronger.

I miss you..everyday :)

p/s: Yea, even though we meet each other everyday.. I still do Rachael Koay, whenever you're not by my side :)

End of short entry..not bad for the first post in years..

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