Thursday, September 06, 2007

Late night entry...

Tomorrow marks the start of a telling week, where things could go horribly wrong.
Yet, it could go all right. Sadly, the borderline between success and failure, is often so thin. And I guess the time is now, to see on which side of that fragile line, I'll end up in.

"This also marks a night, whereby I need my rest most for the turbulent day ahead tomorrow, and yet..I could hardly put myself to sleep. Whether or not I'll fall flat on my sorry ass tomorrow because of this, we'll see."


Is it worth it?
It brings despair..
It takes the light off the end of any tunnel..
It breaks the spirit of the strongest..
It brings the tears out of even a grown man..
It could..

Destroy everything..


It could help a man to simply hang on..
It could bring a fallen man back up his feet..
It could help a man see light again in the darkest of places..
It draws a man to simply fight on..
It brings..



liwei said...

Hey, hope you're doing good there. Take care :)

jeewei said...

Hey, I'm doing fine here, albeit the busy schedule in work. Hope you are just as fine. You take care too. :)